Intelligent Training for YOUR Body and YOUR Goals Not Somebody Else’s

What Is The Strength Rx?

The Strength Rx was founded as a more intelligent approach to health and fitness. Working towards a strong, functional and pain free body with intelligent training methods is our medicine. Our goal has always been to create a more intelligent approach to health and fitness through the combination of research backed performance physical therapy, strength training and sustainable nutrition principles. Our team of certified and licensed professionals has over 30 years of combined experience in a wide variety of fields including, physical therapy, massage therapy, strength and conditioning, personal training and nutrition.

Robin Martin (International Yoga Teacher)

I’ve been teaching yoga for over ten years nationally and internationally. These guys know what it takes to create a strong, functional and pain free body. I have learned so much working with them. I have enjoyed working with them to help transform the way people practice yoga. 

Roland Schoeman (Olympic Gold Medalist)

I believe everyone out there whether an Olympic medalist or not can improve their joint health. I’ve found my hips and lower back just continue to be an issue for me. Dale and Will helped me identify some of the restrictions going on in my body and I’m already seeing an impact and experiencing significantly less pain.

Kim Hall (Physio Therapist)

4 years ago I dislocated my shoulder. Even with my physio/rehab knowledge I couldn't figure it out, but I came across The Strength Rx and i learned about a system that was super easy to follow. I have made improvements in my range, have decreased pain and even my running arm swing looks better!

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