Are painful, tight, unstable or dysfunctional shoulders holding you back?

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For the past 15 years we've helped thousands of active people including Athletes, Yogis, Crossfitters, Martial Artists, Gymnasts and everyone in between:

✓ Eliminate Pain

✓ Improve Function & Mobility

✓ Increase Strength & Stability

✓ Maximize Performance & Longevity

Who We Are

Dr. Dale Bartek | Physical Therapist & Performance Enhancement Specialist

Dale Bartek is a Doctor of Physical Therapy with nearly a decade of elite-level training experience and advanced skills in orthopedic assessment and rehab. Dale holds several certifications in manual therapy and Functional range conditioning (FRC)

Dale received his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of St. Augustine in San Marcos CA. Dale has had the pleasure of working with people all over the world including Olympic gold medalists, and professional athletes from the MLB, NFL, NBA and NHL... read more

Will Vargas | Neuromuscular Massage Therapist & NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Will Vargas has over 10 years experience as a Neuromuscular Massage Therapist and NASM Certified Personal Trainer.

Will’s affinity with the human body and it’s capabilities has influenced him to deeply immerse himself in many physical disciplines such as: Gymnastics, Yoga, Strength and Conditioning, Calisthenics, Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts.  Currently Will works with Professionals and Athletes as a High Performance Coach improving their athletic performance and mindset... read more


1. What’s really going on with your shoulders

2. What you need to do to fix the root of the problem

3. Why what you’re currently doing isn’t working

4. Who you need to help you overcome your shoulder problems for good

5. A proven approach that has helped thousands of people world wide


Dawn, NPC Competitor

When I began working with The Mobility Manifesto just three months ago, they initially tested my range of motion and movement patterns through video conferencing, diagnosed my issues, and designed a customized program for me. They explained why previous methods hadn't been working and were able to address my specific issues that I had developed over the years of being injured. In just three short months, I have regained a significant amount of mobility and no longer need to take anti-inflammatories because I am finally pain-free.

Brett, Personal Trainer

These guys know their stuff! I've been a trainer for 10 years and I thought I knew everything I needed to.  I was doing the shoulder drills every day, but I couldn't figure out how to overcome my impingement.  The Moblity Manifesto Team helped me get out of pain and back to training the way I need to! I wish I found them years ago! 

Ariadne, Yoga Instructor

These guys are the best!
I started working with them after injuring my shoulder. In just 3 months, I went from being in a sling to having full use of my shoulder. They are extremely caring, attentive and always ready to help if you are struggling with something or have questions. They also helped me figure out other issues that I had going on in my body that most likely lead to injuring my shoulder. I can’t recommend them enough!

Oscar, Massage Therapist

My livelihood depends on my ability to use my shoulders.  They need to be strong and functional.  I had a rotator cuff injury that I couln't overcome.  I was considering surgery, but wanted to exhaust all options.  After finding the Mobility Manifesto guys they helped me overcome my shoulder problems in just a few weeks.  I am back to working with no pain.  I am forever grateful.  I feel incredible!

Linn, Rock Climber

I highly recommend and thank The Mobility Manifesto for helping me get healthier shoulders. They gave me a really thorough assessment, individual program and have been dedicated and supportive. My shoulder pain is totally gone! They will explain thoroughly in a way you will understand how and why you might have shoulder issues. They are easily accessible if you have any questions. They keep in touch during the whole process. You will feel supported on the journey to healthier shoulders. This has helped me become a better climber.

Morva, Movement Practicioner

My customized program with Dr. Dale and Will has helped me to become a better athlete overall. I have worked with numerous chiropractors, sport physiotherapists and orthopedics, but I have never seen this level of precision that they provide online. Thanks to their wealth of knowledge in providing individual programs to fit my personal needs, I feel significant improvement in my shoulder mobility and strength while I play tennis, rock climbing, lifting weights, handstands as well as simple daily activities. Above all of that, they made me become confident of my shoulders' long term health.

Kim, Physiotherapist

4 years ago I dislocated my right shoulder at an aerial yoga class. Even with my physio rehab knowledge, it has never been the same (mind you I do specialize in geriatrics and post-op ortho trauma). A few months ago, I came across The Mobility Manifesto on Instagram I subscribed right away inspired by their personal injuries and rehab story. The program is super easy to follow. In only 3 weeks, I have made improvements in my range, have decreased pain and even my running arm swing looks better! Now for the strength phase. I would highly suggest the Mobility Manifesto. 

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