Shoulder Problems?

✓ Pain

✓ Poor Range of Motion

✓ Weakness/ Instability

✓ Bad Posture

✓ Poor Performance


There is no such thing as a one size fits all approach to fixing your shoulder problems!

This is why we want to give you a Detailed & Professional Assessment!

...that helps you understand these 5 CRITICAL factors

1. What's actually going on with your shoulders


Before we can talk about eliminating your shoulder problems once and for all, we must first understand that the shoulder complex is complex. You're shoulder issues are likely unique to you and what works for somebody else might not work for you.

What you need first and foremost is..

A thorough and detailed assessment of the entire shoulder complex to find out whats going on.

We look at 3 big areas through a combination of movements including the thoracic spine, scapula and glenohumeral joint.

We have very detailed and meticulous approaches for identifying...

1. Shoulder Pathologies (tears, tendinitis, ect)

2. Shoulder Function and Conditioning

(the most important thing that your doctor will not look at.)

2. Why what you’re currently doing isn’t working


Chances are you’re very frustrated and confused as to what is going on with your shoulders. You want to participate in all aspects of your active lifestyle but you can't because… well your shoulders.

You may have tried various strategies to overcome you shoulder pain or maybe you haven't tried anything at all. Regardless you are here because you're looking for a solution.

We’re here to help you with this.

3. Who can actually help you


There are so many “gurus’ and weekend seminar experts that are trying to make a quick dollar anyway they can.

Steer clear of these people! Identifying them is the most important thing.

Also stay away from the surgeons who think cutting you open is the only way to fix you... and pay for their kids private school...

You need a licensed professional who has been trained to help people in your situation.


4. How to fix the root of the problem


There are more than a few ways that you can make your shoulder feel better. Pain meds, injections, rest, more rest, ice , heat.... these can sometimes be a short term solution. However if you're looking for a long term solution, then we need to fix the root of the problem.

No more band aids.

Example: The check engine light went off in your car. You could replace the fuse and get the light to turn off but this wouldn't do anything to fix the reason why the light went off in the first place, maybe what you really needed was to change the oil.

You get the point.

5. Our approach that has helped thousands of people worldwide


This isn't about us, or any of them. This is about you. And your situation.

We take a very simple yet effective approach to helping people like you.

Here is what it looks like...

1. Find a qualified professional (maybe us, maybe not, you decide.)
2. Assessment
3. Custom program
4. Ongoing supports and communication
5. Reassess and reprogram

Here's why you need to do this:

Your shoulders are different. You have your own unique anatomy, dysfunction and your own goals!

So anyone who tries to to tell you what you need without taking the time to really understand whats going on with your shoulders is simply guessing.

Schedule a FREE video shoulder assessment with us.


It's simple. We help people overcome shoulder problems for a living... and we know that a certain number of people we talk to will be interested in having us personally help them overcome their shoulder problems and get back to doing what they love.

But rather than try to convince you of how great we are we figured we could demonstrate how we can help you by actually giving you a virtual shoulder assessment for FREE.

What makes us different?

We take into consideration the uniqueness of your shoulder problems and your goals. This is why we're not going to give you some generic advice.

Everything that we do is 100% one-on-one with you and specific to your goals.

Let us show you what it's like to work with us for FREE.

And if you find value in what we show you then we can talk about working with you one-on-one to help you overcome your shoulder problems for good.

The way it works is simple. We will have you fill out the quick five question application that will help us get prepared for our free call together.

*Immediately after submitting the application you will be taken to our personal calendar to schedule a 30 minute video call.


Please get scheduled as soon as possible. The call with be with us 1-on-1.

Our primary focus is to give you the best possible solution to help you overcome your shoulder problems.

We want to let that experience speak for itself.

Also, we can't talk to just anyone. We invest our time and energy in providing you with a virtual assessment to help you overcome your shoulder problems. So, before we go any further... you need to know that we are only working with active people with one or more of these shoulder problems:

✓ Pain

✓ Poor Range of Motion,

✓ Weakness/ Instability,

✓ Bad Posture

✓ Poor Performance


But, please no time wasters.

If you're intention is to get a quick fix please don't waste your time- there is no such thing. As long as you're legitimate and committed will be delighted to help you out for free.

Here's what to do next?

Click the button below and get started right away.


We will review your application. If it doesn't look like we can help you we will not waste your time with the virtual assessment instead we will send you some free materials that you can use to start helping your shoulders right away.


We look forward to speaking with you.


Dale and Will



Q- Do you take insurance / HSA / FSA for your programs?

A- We are not a medical company and therefore do not accept insurance as a form of payment for the program. However, some insurance companies reimburse their members for fitness & prevention programs and memberships. You’ll have to contact your insurance company to see if our programming qualifies for reimbursement. If they agree to reimburse you for the program, you’ll enroll in the program with your credit card, then send the purchase receipt to your claims department for reimbursement.

Q- How will an online program help me?

A- We have created a proprietary personalized video assessment using over 15 years of combined study. We then provide a customized approach to meet your individual needs.  Over the course of our program you will gain the knowledge to empower yourself for the long run and have continued access to us forever.

Q - I am concerned my shoulders are beyond repair.

A - Our system were designed using the same clinical rehab techniques for assessing and treating mobility deficits and other common shoulder and spinal pathologies. If we cant help you we know who can.

Q - Can I continue my current exercise program if I decide to enroll in the program?

A - Yes! Our programs are designed to be done in less than 12 minutes per day and makes a great compliment to most exercise routines. With our one on one clients we will take everything into consideration and help you come up with the best strategy to overcoming your shoulder problems without sacrificing the activities you love to do!

Q- Can you help me if I'm not in pain?

A- Our programs are an investment in your long term shoulder health. Our goal is to improve every aspect of your shoulder health including: posture, strength, mobility and performance.

Q - Is there anything I need to be prepared for our call?

A- This call is about you. So please be in a quiet place with no distractions. That's it.