The Joint Healthy Training System for those working around stubborn aches, pains and injuries.

Struggling to reach your fitness goals because of stubborn aches, pains and injuries?


Maybe it’s been awhile since you’ve had a workout and actually felt good... A workout where you performed well and felt like you were actually working towards your goals.

After 10 long years of development it’s finally here...

The 9 week joint healthy training program that combines performance physical therapy and intelligent strength training specifically for those struggling with:


Muscle Imbalances

Poor Mobility & Range of Motion


Movement Dysfunctions

Nagging Injuries

 What if you could actually make more progress toward your goals in the next nine weeks then you have in the last nine months?


For the first time ever I’m releasing the exact Performance Therapy and Intelligent Strength Training program that I’ve used to successfully bring thousands of active people back from injury. Back to a strong, functional athletic body.


It’s called Elements.

Elements was specifically designed for people who need a "Reset" to their training. It’s for people who want to:


✓ Get Stronger 

✓ Gain Muscle

✓ Lose fat 

✓ Improve Function 




Overcoming their aches, pains and injuries bulletproofing their body FOR LIFE.

My name is Dr. Dale Bartek, I'm a Physical Therapist, Performance Enhancement Specialist, and ex college athlete.
And the truth is I’ve battled stubborn aches pains and injuries for a very long time... First, as a competitive athlete and then they continued into adulthood as a chased my fitness goals.
I found myself and many others stuck in a cyclical process going from injury to rehab back to training just to get injured again and start the cycle all over.
The traditional approach to physical therapy is wrong. There are way too many Band-Aid and quick fix type of approaches to injury without anyone actually spending the time to figure out the root of the problem and attack it.
On the other side is, is the trainers and strength coaches who often make an unfair assumption the people are in perfect condition before they start a program. As a result they are put through haphazard programming that ignores their unique starting point.
I believe both extremes are flawed.
Personally it wasn’t until I combined the elements of performance physical therapy and intelligent strength training that I started to see a difference in the way I felt, moved, and looked.
Throughout my career as a physical therapist I have become known for this hybrid model treatment and training that helps people not only feel better but actually work toward their goals. 
My approach relies heavily on assessment and then building the perfect program using only movement and methods that are appropriate for your body and goals not somebody else’s.
My goal is to make it so that you overcome aches and pains, get stronger and more functional, and bulletproof yourself against future injuries.


With the Elements Pain Free Training System you’re ensuring your strongest, leanest and most athletic body is still ahead of you.


✓ Even if you’ve been injured before.

✓ Even if it’s been awhile since you were in the gym.

✓ Even if you’re still working around annoying aches and pains.

Everyone needs a RESET sometimes. 

Here's how to do it...




Professional movement & fitness assessment to determine your unique starting point. Here we unravel your injury history and find the root causes of your movement related dysfunctions aches, and pains. 




What separates than program from others is the corrective component where we spend time actually solving your nagging aches, pains and injuries once and for all.




Reset- Begin with movements that are hand picked specifically for your body.

Reinforce- Build foundational strength and stability where you needs it most.

Reload- Progress your training towards your ultimate goal of a lean, athletic and functional body that looks as good as it feels.




When you're dealing with aches, pains and dysfunctions you NEED the support of those who have been through it. I personally will be with you every step of the way.


Here's what you can expect from Elements...

Overcome aches, pains, & movement dysfunctions 

The assessment based customized corrective exercise and training programming ensures you will be training movements that are right for YOUR body and not somebody else’s.

Improve Strength, Mobility &  Stability

This program relies heavily on the foundations of mobility, stability and functional strength that you need to achieve your fitness goals while working around injuries. 

Build a Lean, Functional & Athletic Physique 

The Elements program consists of a 3 part training protocol that helps you build lean muscle, so you can look as good as you feel. 

The Strength Rx


  • Full Body Movement Assessment
  • Customized Corrective Exercise Protocol
  • Customized 9 Week Training Program
  • Sustainable Nutrition protocol
  • Full Access to The Strength Rx Training App
  • Ongoing Support and Coaching

Is Elements right for you?


In fact we often tell people NOT to buy some of our programs because they are not the most appropriate for someone who is dealing with aches, pains and injuries.


So who is elements for and who is it not for?

Who Elements is for:


 Active men and women dealing with aches, pains and injuries who want to build a lean, athletic physique.


 Individuals who are willing to be coachable and are committed to long term and sustainable results.


 Individuals who are willing to commit to a minimum of 3 day per week training program for the next 9 weeks.


Who Elements is NOT for:


❌ Anyone who is looking for a quick fix or an easy path.


❌ Anyone who is NOT coachable and who wants to put in minimal effort.


❌ Anyone who doesn't have access to a gym or is unwilling to get a membership.

Robin Martin (International Yoga Teacher)

I’ve been teaching yoga for over ten years nationally and internationally. These guys know what it takes to create a strong, functional and pain free body. I have learned so much working with them. I have enjoyed working with them to help transform the way people practice yoga. 

Roland Schoeman (Olympic Gold Medalist)

I believe everyone out there whether an Olympic medalist or not can improve their joint health. I’ve found my hips and lower back just continue to be an issue for me. Dale and Will helped me identify some of the restrictions going on in my body and I’m already seeing an impact and experiencing significantly less pain.

Kim Hall (Physio Therapist)

4 years ago I dislocated my shoulder. Even with my physio/rehab knowledge I couldn't figure it out, but I came across The Strength Rx and I learned about a system that was super easy to follow. I have made improvements in my strength, range of motion, and have decreased pain.

Why should you book a free assessment with me?


I've built my reputation as a physical therapist and strength coach by blending the two disciplines in a way that gets REAL, SUSTAINABLE results.
The question is... where will you be 9 weeks from now?
If the next two months are anything like the last two months, what does your future look like?
If you want different results, you have to try something different!
… I want to help YOU overcome injuries and annoying aches and pains.
… I want to help YOU feel strong and functional.
… I want to help YOU build a lean athletic body.
Chances are you’ve tried doing this alone. Chances are I've helped somebody just like you. 


If you’re ready to look, feel, and perform at your best I’m here to help.
The next step is up to you!