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The prescription to building a STRONG, FUNCTIONAL, PAIN FREE BODY.

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The truth that most "therapists, coaches, and personal trainers" won't tell you:


There's no such thing as a "one size fits all" approach to achieving a strong, functional, pain free body.

Here's why: 

Your body, your starting point, and your goals are unique to you.


Maybe you want to build lean muscle.

Maybe you want to lose fat.

Maybe you want to overcome stubborn aches and pains...


So anybody that tries to blindly tell you how easy it is to achieve sustainable results without a systematic approach to understanding YOUR body is just plain guessing.


The Strength Rx 28 Day Challenge


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Our system is different.

Most experts fall into one of two categories..

  1. There are the personal trainers and strength coaches who seem to only care about getting people to lift heavier weights.
  2. Then there are the physical therapists who are great at keeping people healthy but don't understand the principles of building strength, muscle and maximizing performance.

We pride ourselves on being both therapists AND coaches.

What You Get When You Join

28 Day Goal Specific Strength Program

Whether your goal is general fitness, muscle building, fat loss, sports performance, conditioning & endurance we have the perfect program for you.

Coaching & Support

Throughout the challenge you get to work directly with us. We provide in depth Q and A sessions as well as ongoing support throughout the 28 days.

Private Community

You get unlimited access weekly Live Q & A sessions as well as our private community and resources library full of educational videos.

Exercise Library

You get unlimited access to our exercise library. You will find detailed videos for hundreds of exercises that allow you to modify and evolve your training

Nutrition & Supplementation 

You will have access to complete nutrition protocols as well as a highly effective nutrition game plan.

 The Strength Rx 28 Day Challenge

The systematic approach to a Strong, Functional, Pain Free Body.


✓ Performance Therapy  

✓ Intelligent Strength Training

✓ Sustainable Nutrition

✓ Professional Coaching



We believe that if your goal is to look as good as you feel, and perform even better… then you need to follow the advice of professionals who have both achieved this for themselves, and have a proven track record of helping others from all experience levels and backgrounds.


Chances are you haven't achieved your goals because you're making one or more of these common mistakes... 

Training Mistake #1

You're not being assessed by a professional to find your unique starting point. Identifying movement dysfunctions, muscle imbalances and poor lifestyle factors is an essential component to any intelligently designed training program. 

Training Mistake #2

You're trying to build strength on top of movement dysfunction... 

Training Mistake #3

You're not following a program designed for your body and goals. We're all different, train for YOUR body, achieve YOUR goals.

Training Mistake #4

You're trying to do everything alone and you're never pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone.

Training Mistake #5

You're not taking into consideration the other factors that lead to sustainable results such as: Warm Up Routine, Rest & Recovery, Nutrition, and Training Modification.

How The 28 Day Challenge Works:

Step 1: Develop Your Game Plan

We begin by guiding you towards a training program that is built for YOUR not somebody else's. You will have the ability to choose the program that is right for you based on your goals and how many days per week you'd like to train.

Step 2: Determine Your Nutrition Protocol

Your functional, pain free body that looks as good as its feels might require more than just training. We help you develop a sustainable nutrition protocol that you can follow simply and effectively. 

Step 3: Train

Choose and follow your goal specific training program that will include: 3 Part Warm Up Routine, Intelligent Joint Friendly Strength Training, and Rest and Recovery protocols.

Step 4: Receive Coaching and Support

You will have ongoing support and coaching including weekly trainings, Q and A's and an extensive library of educational videos. Our goal is to educate and empower you to create sustainable health and fitness habits.

How much is it costing you to NOT join?

How much are you spending on gym memberships, without having any direction?

How much are you spending on "personal training" from someone who took a weekend course to become "certified"...?

How much are you spending on useless supplements with false promises?

How much are you spending on rushed physical therapy visits with no results?

How much time are you spending thinking about how great it would be if you could finally reach your goals?

Is The Strength Rx 28 Day Challenge right for me?

People who follow our system are serious about reaching their goals in the most efficient and intelligent way possible.

Who is The Strength Rx for? 

✓ You love to train and want to be able to do it for life.
If you want to be able to build and maintain your muscle, strength, and quality of movement for the rest of your life, this system was made for you.

✓ You want to learn how to train hard and make progress without getting hurt.
This system was designed for people who see the value in intelligent training and are looking for sustainable results.  Even if you have a few aches and pains.

✓ You want a step-by-step system that improves the way you look, feel, and perform.
We believe that training should improve your quality of life in all aspects. We take an A to Z approach to help you reach your goals.  

...and who is it not for?

 You’re looking for a quick-fix or a magic pill.
This system will give you a body that looks great and moves even better, but only if you put in the work. Don’t start this system if you’re looking for reasons why you cant reach your goals.

 You’ve been recently injured and haven’t gotten the go-ahead for your doctor.
Many of our clients have aches and pains and still get incredible results in this system. That said, if you’re dealing with an injury that doesn't allow you to perform basic exercises and haven’t gotten the okay from your doctor... send us an email and we will make sure this is going to be appropriate for you.

Robin Martin (International Yoga Teacher)

I’ve been teaching yoga for over ten years nationally and internationally and joint health is such an important concept. These guys know what it takes to create a strong, functional and pain free body. I have learned so much working with them. I have enjoyed working with them to help transform the way people practice yoga. 

Roland Schoeman (Olympic Gold Medalist)

I believe everyone out there whether an Olympic medalist or not can improve their strength and mobility, there is however a ton of information out there that may or may not apply to you specifically. You’re never too young or too old to be the best in the history of your body.

Kim Hall (Physio Therapist)

4 years ago I dislocated my shoulder. Even with my physio/rehab knowledge I couldn't figure it out, but I came across The Strength Rx and I learned about a system that was super easy to follow. I have made improvements in my range, have decreased pain and even my running arm swing looks better!

The Strength Rx 28 Day Challenge


✓ Monthly Goal Specific Programming 

✓ Coaching & Support 

✓ Resources Library 

✓ Exercise Library 

✓ Nutrition & Supplementation Protocols


$297 Value


"My doctor didn't even recognize me when I went in for my annual check up..."

At 55 years old I am in the best shape of my life: strong, lean, functional and pain free from head to toe. The support, insights and custom programming I've received was the recipe.

For everyone, but especially as we age, it becomes increasingly important to focus on our mobility, our food/ supplements, and our strength.

While I may have been “aware” of these concepts I didn’t practice any of them- I spent so many years doing the wrong things. As a result, last year I was in the worst shape of my life. A lack of focus, poor habits, and uneductated strength training resulted in an achy body, high cholesterol, and over 25% body fat with a lack of energy for life.

Since learning the Rx5 framework I've created mindblowing results. I learned to train my body in a way that I know I will train for life. I'm not bothered by, nor afraid of being injured again. I feel "bulletproof". My bodyfat percentage has been under 10% for the past 3 months and my waist is back to 30 inches (I havent had a 30 inch waist since college)!

My cholesterol and blood pressure is also better than it's ever been. My doctor didn't even recognize me when I went in for my annual check up. He just said... keep doing what you're doing and you'll probably live to 100!

 This is a new way of life for me and I'm conquering it, thanks to The Strength Rx System"

-Brett S.

"I knew I needed an intelligent approach to changing my body, I just didn’t know howe simple it could be."

It amazes me how I thought my best years were behind me. I thought after 35 it was just all downhill. My old shoulder injury from weightlifting was my excuse.  “I can’t barbell press ever again” was what I really believed.

I knew I needed an intelligent approach to changing my body, I just didn’t know how simple it could be. We all need the right system.  And that system is a very individual thing. At 50 years old I’m looking forward to the next 50 years of training and getting better and better.”

-John B.

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