Attention Men Over 35!

Let Me Show You How I've Helped Hundreds Of Guys "Past Their Prime" Build Lean, Strong, Mobile & Athletic Bodies In 90 Just Days.

John Lost 27 lbs of fat & built 14 pounds of lean/ functional muscle in 12 Weeks.


Oh, and by the way, he's 51 years old.

John's Story

"I'm in my 50s and I feel the best I've ever felt in my life: physically, mentally, emotionally.  Moreso, I'm in the best shape of my life... It's ironic that I used to workout all the time but never really knew what I should be focusing on or actually doing. I wasted so much time. I really had no direction. I spent a bunch of time doing cardio and did random exercises that I found on websites. Having Will as my coach has made all the difference. This Body Recomp Blueprint is an exact plan where I train only 3-4 days per week. The best part is that I follow a specific diet guide where I still get to eat what I want, when I want.  I've kept my results for over a year now. It's easy to say that I'll be using this blueprint for the rest of my life.

-Will's Mission-

Will Vargas- Creator of the Body Recomposition Program.


Since, 2012 I have personally coached and trained all types of men from Executives, Entrepreneurs, Athletes, Retirees and everything in between reach and sustain high levels of physical health.

In working with all of these men over the years I realized that it was never about the perfect nutrition plan and exercise routine.  It's far deeper than that...

More than anything it's about the right guidance. It's about really listening to their unique goals, their concerns, their set backs (mental, physical, emotional).  It's about understanding hectic schedules and helping them maximize their life. I form personal relationships with them, creating trust, mentoring, leading the way and bringing whatever is necessary to support them in achieving their goals.

Without sounding too cliche it's about making a real difference that literally changes their entire life.

My Mission with the Body Recomp Blueprint 2.0 is to help 10,000 men achieve and sustain a body that they love: Strong, Athletic, Mobile and Confident.

 Read more about my personal journey and transformation here

Here is the raw truth that no one wants to hear, but everyone needs to...


Look, transformation isn't easy.  It's hard work. There are no shortcuts to REAL, SUSTAINABLE RESULTS.  If you want to transform your body it requires 2 things: the right system and just as important it requires your dedication.  It requires you to get out of your comfort zone and commit to the process.  You gotta be willing to put in the work.  This is the only way to affect long term change. 


Here's the good news: millions of people all over the world have their Blueprint. You do too! You just haven't found it yet.

Let's stop with the excuses... If you want it bad enough and are willing to  commit I can change your life in 90 days and carrry it over to the rest of your life.  We win this game by making small changes consistently that will lead to results that can last a lifetime. Your commitment combined with my guidance and support will make the difference. I promise.


And if you commit fully...


Here's What YOU can expect from the Body Recomposition Blueprint 2.0


1. Accelerated Fat Loss

The dietary approach that works is the one that you can stick to! The diet guide is customized based on YOUR ability to adhere to.  I won't force you into a diet that is unsustainable. I always program for my client's needs and ability to adhere. Can you eat cheese burgers, pizza, down a couple beers every day?  No, of course not. But If you like these foods they CAN be incorporated. The key is understanding the right balance. Regardless, I have a solution for you even if you think you have tried it all.

2. Build Lean, Athletic, Functional Muscle.

You don't need to train every day.  Matter of fact no one should ever workout every day. I developed the Body Recomp Blueprint 2.0 using an intelligent training method.  My 3 Phase Peak Performance Protocol: Warm Up, Strength Training and Corrective Exercises are essential for you to build muscle and strength while keeping your joints healthy. This blueprint is guaranteed to build the body you want: strong, muscular, mobile and athletic, but build it for the long haul. If you can commit to 3 or 4 days per week we can create your blueprint!

3. Increased Energy

Combining the right nutritional approach and the ideal training routine doesn't only give you an incredible body transformation, but all of my clients report a massive amount of energy increase. Wake up every day full of sustainable energy.

4. Improve Mobility / Overcome Aches and Pains

The key to continuous progress is how you prepare and prime your body before exercising. I give you a specific routine that will improve your mobility and bullet proof your joints so that you can keep training for the next 20,30,40 and even 50 years!

5. Sustainable Results.

This framework was developed using 10+ years as a Certified Personal Trainer, Performance Enhancement Specialist and Neuromuscular Therapist.  My goal is never short term or short lasting results.  This program is a blueprint that will take you to your ideal body and have you sustain these results for life.

What You Get...

  • A Custom App with The Peak Performance Protocol delivered to you in a simple to understand step by step system. 
  • Dozens of detailed educational videos on training, recovery, and nutrition.
  • Video assessments with me to measure your progress and adjust programming as needed
  • Multi-Weekly coaching calls for accountability and motivation.
  • Flexible Nutrition & Supplement Protocol specific to your needs and goals.
  • Community Support from men just like you on the same journey.

 Body Recomp Blueprint 12 Week Transformations

Oscar- 39

Bodyfat loss- 32 lbs

Muscle Mass Increase- 15 lbs

Chris- 37

Bodyfat loss- 18 lbs

Muscle Mass Increase- 9 lbs

Brett- 56

Bodyfat loss- 30 lbs

Muscle Mass Increase- 16 lbs

Tim- 34

Bodyfat loss- 37 lbs

Muscle Mass Increase- 6 lbs

Victor- 31

Bodyfat loss- 18 lbs

Muscle Mass Increase- 9 lbs

Kevin- 41

Bodyfat loss- 16 lbs

Muscle Mass Increase- 6 lbs




Who The Body Recomp Blueprint 2.0 is for:


Men between 30 - 59 years old who have the goal of both losing fat and gaining lean muscle.


 Men who are willing to be coachable and are committed to long term and sustainable results.


Men who are willing to commit to 45 minutes per day/ 3 to 4 day per week training program for the next 12 weeks.


Men who are willing to be guided into a flexible nutrition protocol.


Who The Body Recomp Blueprint 2.0 is NOT for:


❌ Anyone who is looking for a quick fix or an easy path.


❌ Anyone who is NOT coachable and who wants to put in minimal effort.


❌ Anyone who doesn't have access to a gym or is unwilling to get a membership.